• November 2016

    How To Prepare Your Garden’s Soil for the Winter

    Do you want to know what separates a good gardener from a great gardener?

    A good gardener will just feed his or her plants, while a great gardener will feed the soil. Some people compare feeding just the plant to giving the plant battery life because it has a limited amount of power before it runs out, while they compare feeding the soil to using hydroelectric power because it continually uses the forces of nature to keep going. Great gardeners understand that feeding soil will also feed the plant to make it live longer, which makes it easier in the end for everyone (and everything) involved.

    At Victory Gardens, Inc., we’re a land clearing company in Montgomery County, PA, and other local areas. We’re all about soil, soil mixes, soil amendments, and more, and we’d like to help you prepare your garden’s soil for the winter, so it’ll be much easier for you next spring.

    1. Use one of high-quality soil products - At Victory Gardens, Inc. we sell a variety of high-quality soil products including screened and unscreened topsoil, structural fill and clean fill, PennDOT approved topsoils, mushroom soil, leaf compost, rain garden mix, and more. All of our soil products, compost products, and soil blends are periodically tested and based on project guidelines.

    2. Remove weeds after the first frost - Waiting to remove weeds after the first frost can help you reduce the amount of labor you have to do. We also suggest you till under any leaves or annuals because they’ll serve as organic matter and help enrich the soil. You can place the weeds into a compost pile to be removed or recycled.

    3. Spread the soil mixes or amendments over the area and till it - We have plenty of great soil products to protect your garden over the winter. Use them, and your garden will be ready to go in the spring.

    We hope you use this guide to prepare your garden’s soil for the winter. If you take proper care of the soil, your garden will practically take care of itself, and you’ll also be known as a Great Gardener. To learn more about our different types of soil products, as well as our land clearing services in Monmouth County, NJ, and the surrounding areas, contact us at 215-443-5665.

  • October 2016

    Tips on How to Save Money on Heating Costs This Winter

    Step 1 - Buy firewood from us at Victory Gardens, Inc.

    Step 2 - Build a roaring fire in your home to save money on heating costs!

    At Victory Gardens, Inc., we’re a land clearing company located in Bucks County, PA, that also serves the neighboring counties. We are one of, if not THE, largest manufacturer and supplier of bulk mulch and topsoil in Doylestown, PA, and other local areas. We also have a ton of top-quality firewood that’s just waiting for you. Our firewood has no pine or poplar in it; it consists primarily of ash, oak, maple, hickory, cherry, and other types of wood.

    If you have an indoor fireplace, now is the time to use it. The weather is getting colder, and fall and winter are the perfect seasons for indoor fires. Using your fireplace during the cold months will help save you money on your heating and oil costs. Many people also use it for aesthetics and to provide a pleasant atmosphere during the holiday season. Remember always to think about safety first, though.

    Who doesn’t like to sit next to a warm, cozy fire? Just think about it. A couple of months from now, the winter and freezing temperatures will be here, and people will be wanting to curl up next to their fireplace. At Victory Gardens Inc., we have the perfect type of firewood designed to last them through the winter months keeping them warm and their heating costs lower in the process. When someone looks outside and sees the snow coming down, instead of turning up the thermostat and increasing their heating and oil bill, all they’ll have to do is throw a few logs on the fire and light them up.

    At Victory Gardens, we have the best firewood to ensure anyone with an indoor fireplace can have beautiful, crackling fires this year. Just about anyone can increase the aesthetic quality of their home by using our wood for their fireplace this winter. To learn more about our high-quality firewood, contact us at 215-443-5665 or visit our website at

  • September 2016

    After the Storm: How to Clean Up That Mess

    If you’ve ever been through a storm, then you probably know how damaging they can be. Sure, almost everyone likes a good storm now and then, but sometimes they can be destructive and require a ton of clean up. If you’re a landowner with the potential of having an enormous clean up after a storm or other natural disaster, you can benefit from our services at Victory Gardens Inc.

    Maybe the storm has already happened, and you’re wondering how you’re going to clear out all those trees, rocks, branches and other debris. If you are, have no fear, because we’re at your service. Along with providing mulch and topsoil in Bucks County, PA, and the surrounding areas, we also provide disaster relief after storms.

    How do you clean up after a storm?
    After a storm, the biggest recovery task involves the removal of debris, including fallen trees, branches and other items that are now just taking up space.

    The best and most efficient way to clean up would be to contact us at Victory Gardens Inc. We’re a fully licensed and insured company that has been providing relief from disasters for over 20 years. If you feel that the cleanup after the storm is too much for you to handle, our land clearing services in Bucks County, PA, and other local areas, will help get you back on track.

    We don’t favor one area over the other. Whether you need a small job done in a residential area or a large job done at a commercial location, we’re fully equipped and ready to handle it. We provide disaster relief on local, state and even federal (FEMA) levels.

    Take charge of your land
    It’s wise to respect Mother Nature, but that doesn’t mean you have to fear her. Take care of your land by cleaning up after a storm and keeping it in tip-top shape. At Victory Gardens Inc., we'll help you take care of your land after a storm and ensure your needs are promptly met. We’ll work with township managers, project owners, private customers and more to make sure your property is brought back to its pre-storm condition.

    To learn more about our disaster relief services, contact us at 215-443-5665.

  • August 2016

    Do You Need Professional On-Site Grinding and Removal Services?

    Is your piece of land clogged with tree stumps and other types of debris? Is it preventing you from making your land what you really want it to be? If so, you may need on-site grinding and removal services. At Victory Gardens Inc., we can help you clear your space so that you can use your land for anything you need. What you use it for is your business, whether that means building a new location for your company or turning it into your own personal amusement park.

    Most people don’t have much use for a piece of land that’s filled with tree stumps and waste. This is where on-site grinding and removal services come in. At Victory Gardens Inc., we not only manufacture and supply mulch and topsoil in Bucks County, PA, as well as the surrounding areas, but we also provide on-site grinding and removal services.

    What are on-site grinding and removal services?
    On-site grinding and removal services are basically used to make your land nicer and clearer. They can also help reduce operational costs that would be used for disposal and transportation. Grinding services minimize any bulky waste, including tree stumps, and make them easier to move. We have over 20 years of experience in the industry, and we’re confident that we can help you with any size job.

    What can the equipment grind?
    Our equipment can grind plenty of different objects and materials. We’ll do whatever it takes to make sure you have clear land at the end of the project. When it comes to professional mobile grinding services, our equipment can grind brush, leaves, pallets, yard waste and debris, and trees and tree stumps that are up to 45 inches in diameter. The objects that the equipment can’t grind include plastic, glass, tires, construction debris, and toxic, explosive, or flammable material.

    If you have any of the material that can be ground using our equipment, and it’s too much to remove yourself, then you probably need a professional on-site grinding and removal service. At Victory Gardens Inc., we’d like to be that company. To learn more about our services, including land clearing in Bucks County, PA, and other local areas, contact us at 215-443-5665.

  • July 2016

    What Can Our Lot Clearing Services Do For You?

    Clear the area folks, because Victory Gardens, Inc. is coming through! We wreck rocks and tear down trees and do everything else to make sure your lot is clean! We’ll even provide you with mulch and topsoil in Bucks County, PA, and the surrounding areas.

    You can rely on us for the best lot clearing services in the land for homeowners. At Victory Gardens, Inc., we can turn any piece of land, like a pasture, wooded area, or anything else, into one that is beautiful and new. That’ll allow you to build anything you’d like on the property, like homes, barns, pools, or any other type of development.

    Just think: with our lot clearing services, you can even turn a pasture filled with trees and rocks into a brand, new baseball field. Imagine hosting a game on a sunny, summer afternoon at your new field.

    How do we clear the lot?
    As a fully licensed and insured company, we will do everything in our power to make sure you end up with a clear and beautiful area. We understand that clearing a lot involves more than just removing an ugly, old tree; it involves the process of cutting down and hauling away trees, removing any brush or rocks in the way, and even eliminating any traces of old and decrepit buildings. This not only frees it up so you can do anything you want to it but also increases the property value of the area exponentially.

    How will this help you?
    Lot clearing for homeowners has almost endless benefits. Removing unwanted junk, shrubs, trees, rocks, debris, and more, allows you to do anything you’d like. Consider turning it into a backyard of fun for your kids, planting that flower garden or vegetable patch you’ve always wanted, or even an outdoor kitchen.

    If you’re a homeowner with an ugly and overgrown piece of land, turn to us for a lot clearing service. We’ve been providing this service for over two decades and can ensure all of your needs are met on time. We also provide mulch and topsoil in Doylestown, PA, and other local areas. To learn more about our lot clearing services, contact us at 215-443-5665 or visit our website at

  • June 2016

    Topsoil Vs. Mulch: A Comparison

    In the left corner of the ring today we have - topsoil! And in the right corner of the ring, we have - mulch! Who will win, folks? Only time will tell!
    Just kidding, topsoil and mulch aren’t going to duke it out. They both provide a plethora of benefits for your garden, and we aren’t going to see which one of the two is better. Victory Gardens Inc., a topsoil and mulch supplier in Bucks County, PA, and other local areas, is merely going to compare the two to find their similarities and differences, and see how they work hand in hand to give you the best and most beautiful garden possible.
    Topsoil is exactly what it sounds like, it’s the soil at the top of the ground. It is the upper 15 to 30 centimeters of the soil. Topsoil is the most humus-rich portion of the soil, which is used to provide organic farms with productivity and fertility. If you're seeking a quality landscape, it is recommended you use quality topsoil as a foundation. It contains high concentrations of organic matter for the nourishment of plants. Victory Gardens Inc. offers screened topsoil to customers, which is considered better than unscreened. It is our best product for yard repairs, filling small holes, raising yard elevations, and growing grass.
    Mulch is any material applied to the soil surface from bark to wood chips, or even sawdust and shredded yard waste. Whatever material you choose as mulch, once it is applied to the surface, it discourages weeds, provides shade, and reduces moisture loss that happens through evaporation. It also contains nutrients that are released into the soil and provides the plants with benefits so that they can live longer and healthier lives. Victory Gardens Inc. provides mulch delivery in Doylestown, PA, as well as the surrounding areas.
    And the winner is...
    Both of them! Okay, so that’s not the most exciting ending, but at least it’s a happy one. Topsoil and mulch both contribute their own benefits to ultimately give you a happy and healthy garden. To learn more about these two landscaping must-haves, contact Victory Gardens Inc. at 215-443-5665 or visit our website at

  • May 2016

    5 Tips For Growing Delicious and Healthy Tomatoes

    It’s not duck season. It’s not wabbit season. It’s tomato season! Tomato season is that blissful time of the year between June and September when tomatoes are at their best for growing and picking. Whether you’re a tomato extraordinaire or a tomato amateur, now is the time to start growing this delicious, red fruit (not vegetable).
    Tomatoes are a great addition to your garden because not only do they taste good, but they also provide you with many health benefits. Some of these benefits include preventing several types of cancer, maintaining strong bones and healthy skin, and being good for your heart, hair, kidneys, and eyes. Growing tomatoes in your own backyard is a fantastic way to receive these benefits. Here are five tips for growing delicious and healthy tomatoes:

    1. Preheat your garden’s soil - Tomatoes need warm soil to grow properly, that’s why they thrive the most during the hot, summer months. A good way to preheat your garden’s soil is to cover it with black plastic a few weeks before you plant the seeds. This helps retain heat from the sunlight.
    2. Bury the seeds deep - Tomato plants need to be buried deep to get the best results. By burying them deep, they develop strong roots all along their stems. And more roots mean stronger tomatoes.
    3. Don’t crowd the seeds - Tomatoes will grow the best when they aren’t crowded with other seeds. Make sure the seeds are spread out far enough to give them plenty of room to branch out.
    4. Mulch, but not too early - Mulch provides so many benefits for growing tomatoes. Wait about 3-5 weeks after planting and then use mulch to cover the soil. Victory Gardens can provide wholesale mulch supply in PA or can provide mulch delivery in Doylestown, PA, as well as other local areas.
    5. Water them regularly - Although it may be obvious, tomatoes need to be watered regularly to thrive. They generally need about 1 inch of water per week, but they may need more if it’s hot or dry. You can ease up on the watering once they begin to ripen.
    So bring along your green thumbs and grow your tomatoes like no tomato has ever been grown before! To learn more about growing tomatoes, contact Victory Gardens at 215-443-5665 or 1-800-TOP-SOIL.

  • April 2016

    The 5 Benefits Mulch Can Provide for Your Garden

    I’m guessing you’re here because your garden is going wild, and not in a good way. The topsoil in your Doylestown, PA garden looks ugly, and there are weeds everywhere. Certain types of pests, some that are winged and some that go by the six or eight-legged variety, are conquering the land that you worked so hard to perfect. But never fear, mulch will come to the rescue and restore that beauty back into your life. Although it may come as a surprise to many, mulch can provide gardens with an almost limitless amount of benefits
    Mulch is defined on as a covering of straw, compost, or plastic sheeting, spread on the ground around plants to prevent excessive evaporation or erosion, enrich the soil and inhibit weed growth. More simply put, mulch is the dirt that makes your garden grow and look pretty. Here are the five benefits and reasons of how mulch can do so:
    1. Controls weeds and pests -Mulch blocks the sunlight and acts as a barrier so that weeds find it much harder to grow. Most mulch also contains certain oils and fragrances that act as insect repellant to reduce and even eliminate pests from your garden.
    2. Retains moisture - Mulch holds the moisture in the soil and prevents precipitation from taking too much water out of it. This prevents the good plants from drying out quickly.
    3. Prevents soil from eroding - Just as mulch holds moisture in the soil, it also protects the soil and keeps rain water from washing it away. It breaks the fall of the water and lessens the impact of the rain against the soil.
    4. Controls the soil nutrients - Mulch will keep soil nutrients from being washed away by the rain but will also help release nutrients into the soil if you are using an organic material.
    5. Builds a home for earthworms - Earthworms will begin to move in and occupy the soil. Although it may be hard for you to believe, this actually improves soil structure and nutrient cycling.

    This is how mulch will become your garden superhero and save the day. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of mulch or schedule a mulch delivery in Doylestown, PA, please contact 1-800-TOP-SOIL.

  • March 2016

    Can Your Garden Get a Boost from Mushroom Compost?

    Looking for something to supercharge your garden soil? Mushroom compost might be your best bet. Despite its slightly misleading name, mushroom compost isn’t comprised of fungi. Instead, it’s an inexpensive byproduct of the mushroom-growing process. Growers use organic materials like straw, peat, gypsum, manure, corn cobs, poultry and other organic materials to create a nutrient-rich compost that, when used correctly, can greatly improve growing conditions in your garden. At Victory Gardens Inc., we combine mushroom compost and soil with organics to create our best-selling mushroom soil mix. Whether you’re using our mix or creating your own, read this first to learn more about how to use this gardening secret.
    Mushroom compost, as we mentioned above, is made up of different organic ingredients that, when combined, create a nutrient-rich mix. It’s best for raising beds, creating new beds and amending existing soil, and it supports the growth of most plants, including fruits, herbs, flowers and vegetables. Vegetables in particular love mushroom compost since it has an alkaline pH, which creates especially favorable growing conditions for veggies that are members of the brassicas family, such as broccoli and kale.
    Aside from its high nutrient content and fertilizing properties, mushroom compost also improves the structure of the soil. The lightweight mix of soil and mushroom compost is ideal for faster and longer root growth and also inhibits the growth of weeds. Mushroom compost also aids in both water drainage during rainy periods and retention during dry spells. Finally, its rich, dark appearance is undeniably appealing to passersby, giving your flower beds a look that you’ll be proud of as a gardener.
    A word to the wise: While mushroom compost produces wonderful results with most plants, it has a high salt content, which can be detrimental for some plants. Avoid using mushroom compost if you’re trying to grow rhododendrons, azaleas, camellias and heathers, since these plants are salt-sensitive. In addition, plants like the ones just mentioned are averse to chalk, which mushroom compost contains high amounts of. If the soil that you’re growing in is already alkaline or chalky, it’s best to avoid mushroom compost. For alternative suggestions, you can call Victory Gardens Inc. at 1-800-TOP-SOIL.

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